Proving the existence of God and kill Atheism

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Can you prove there is no God?

Something from Nothing! (let’s talk about living cells)

They are all made up of proteins.

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If God is Present, why good people suffer while bad people getaway

It may be from God’s wisdom and destiny that an oppressor should be saved from God’s punishment in this world, not because of injustice from God (God forbid), but because the oppressed did not take the reasons for obtaining his right from the oppressor, and perhaps the oppressed was a reason, and tool to enable the oppressor from him and then the oppressed will have gathered He has two wrongdoings: the oppression of the tyrant, and his wronging to himself, by being easy prey for the oppressor, without resorting to and striving to possess the means of power that protect him, so that the oppressor does not harm him.

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Why God does not show himself

There is a lot to this but imagine…,

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Can you prove that we came by chance?

The British Encyclopedia

Said that the probability of life forming by chance is equal to the possibility that someone will throw a coin a million times…, and each time in order, you get the face of the number from “the coin.”

Fred Hoyle

An astronaut had said, “The probability that life arises by pure chance is equal to the probability that an electric current hits a pile of scrap and creates a Boeing 747.”

I get hysteria mode when scientists discover a planet that has water 😂!

If we look at the universe around us and this earth that we live in, I have a state of laughter when scientists discover a planet…, and they express the possibility of water being present on this planet and say: “Perhaps there are living creatures living on this planet “as if we live on the planet Earth only because of the presence of water.”

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Dieter Heermann

I have read a very — interesting book by an author called (Dieter Heermann), and this book talks about the sciences of the universe and space and the author mentioned in this The book said that the scientists who researched how the universe — was — created said:
It is when the universe was — formed! If the speed of the expansion of the universe according to the theory of the big bang. At the emergence had been at the “speed” bigger than <1/trillion³> of the velocity which the universe was — expanded. In this case, the space matter would have disintegrated, and the stars and planets would not have formed 😐.

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And you come at the end and tell us that this is all a coincidence 😆

These are things that cannot happen by chance ⚡️

Can you prove that there is no judgment day?

Guess what you can’t

Well, you can not because you will have to prove that there is no GOD and this life is come by joke but let me guide you what will happen if you have found guilty simply this Link here, but if you found been good and only believe in God then it’s a perfect win! Link here

We hear a lot that life is not fair!

Well, that is why there is a judgment day. It is about justice <every deed will get you either rewarded or punished>.

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The final question GOD himself promises that no one can 👇

If every creation Humans and Jinns gathered to do it, they can’t! 👇.

Creating a Fly (Insect) or an easier one If a fly still your food! the challenge is to get the food back from it

God — Glory is to Him — gave us an example that those you worship besides God will not create a fly even if they gather for it. And if flies rob them of something, they cannot take it back from it, and modern science has proven the scientific miracle of this verse! If the flies rest on a piece of watermelon.

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The Noble Quran is the Greatest Miracle

The miracle is the scientific precedence of the Holy Quran, which mentioned facts in the universe that humanity did not know anything about it. The Holy One — was revealed by God — who knows the secrets in the heavens and the earth, as he testifies to God’s great power. And the position on science The one who carefully reads the Holy Book of God, in an attempt to understand the nature of his state on <science>, finds himself in front of a crowd of clear verses that urge knowledge and remember the virtues of scientists. Researchers in Quranic sciences have become aware of that express challenge that the Holy Quran addressed to all people fifteen centuries ago:

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Distortion of the holy Qur’an

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  • God Almighty preserved the Noble Quran and therefore did not agree on a historical matter of self-existence as was agreed upon in the Noble Quran. For it is the only Heavenly book that the Divine Will has pledged to keep it protected from manipulation by the people of whims and distortion forever, as the Almighty said: “Surely We have revealed the Reminder and We will most surely be its guardian.” [Al-Hijr: 9].
  • The denial of falsehood in all its sections from the Holy Book. with the explicit saying of the Highest: “[41] …, and it is an unassailableScripture. [42] Falsehood cannotapproach it (the Quran) neither from the front nor from behind. (It is) a revelation that proceeds portion by portion from One All-Wise, the Most Praiseworthy (God).” [Fussilat: 41–42]. And distortion is one of the most evident — affirmations of the falsehood mentioned above and accordingly. The Quran is protected from *distortion and from being changed by the hand of change. Since its revelation and until the Day of Resurrection. It is the revelation from the wise, praiseworthy, and it bears witness to the entry of distortion into the falsehood which the verse denied from the book, and that was described it with respect and honor. And follow up requires preserving it from change, loss, and manipulation and disposing of it in a way that disgraces it and degrades its dignity forever.
  • The Almighty’s saying: “[17] Surely on Us (devolves) the collecting of it and the reciting of it. [18] But when We have promulgated it, follow thou its recital. [19] and then, behold, it will be for Us to make its meaning clear.” [Al-Qiyamah: 17–19]. On the authority of Ibn-Abbas and others: “the meaning is: We have to collect it and recite it to you so that you can memorize it and you can recite it, so do not be afraid to miss any of it.”
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Proving the existence of God and killing Atheism p2


God bless you and keep you safe and healthy “amen.” 🙏



When life give you a reason to fail, give her a thousand reasons to continue

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Ameretat jig

Ameretat jig

When life give you a reason to fail, give her a thousand reasons to continue